Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Trip to Brisbane Botanic Gardens

This is me infront of these amazing grey palms at the Mt Coot-tha botanic Gardens in Brisbane. They were very nice gardens, quite a few of the plants made me reminisce about my life in Western Australia as a lot of the plants grow there too. It is too cold in Melbourne for many of these.
I have been remiss and not made a new post in a while. Truth is I keep forgetting to take my camera out of its case and take some snaps of our move, so I think what is a post without pictures.
But I have been to Brisbane during this time for 5 days where the weather was a bit warmer and I got to see my sister again after nearly 18 months. She lives in Perth and was in Bris for a seminar where she was a speaker, very exciting stuff she is doing. So I asked my friend Dorothy to come up with me and we had a girls 5 days, we also had an old friend Richard join us, he lives not far from there and well he is one of the girls, if you know what I mean. No slight on him, he is one of those fellas who likes to sit and chat with women, the best kind of men I reckon.
I took lots of photos which are on my facebook. I think they are available for all to see. But I'll put the best in here too.
Wonderful Cycads, some of the oldest plants in the world.

Poinsettias, I used to grow them in Perth years ago, they are so beautiful

An amazing bronze statue out the front, I love the pose, star gazing or taking in the sun?

Black Bamboo, when the wind blew the sound of the bamboo was lovely, a gentle conking sound. Lots of different bamboos to be seen and so tall!

These were in the tropical dome, wonderful ornamental ginger in the background, a croton with its multi coloured leaves, I just love them and a red flower in the front whose name escapes me.

Also in the dome was this unusual bamboo, amazing soft colours

Any one know the name of this little beauty. We went to the surrealism exhibition in Brisbane while we were there and they had a floral display near the entrance to the art gallery which consisted of a large shrubs bare branches and hanging from then were lots of these flowers and each was sitting in a suspended test tube filled with water. Like tiny vases, it was a bit surreal!

This huge Prayer plant with the sun behind it was stunning

A fig from South East Asia, with the fruits coming out of the trunk, it was stunning and the leaves were enormous, would cover all your bits in the garden of Eden.

A pony tail plant or TREE. I used to grow these in pots in Perth, I never dreamed they could get that big!
Well that's a snip of the botanic gardens in Brissy. I have more photos of the South Bank area which is lovely and some of the architecture in the suburbs, I was impressed with the attention to detail. Keep ya posted.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Renewed and ready to go again!

Hello folks,
Martin and I went to visit our future home yesterday, we needed to ask the lovely people we have bought it from a few questions about how the utilities are connected to the house, where the underground pipes were, that sort of thing. We had a lovely time meeting M for the first time, we met A when we came to look at the place for the very first time, he showed us around as the agent hadn't turned up till late.
A and M were just finishing their garage sale, our timing was good, I bought an old fridge from them to keep all the eggs my chooks were going to lay, I should like to sell some locally.
These are the first eggs from our new point of lay chookies here in the old house.
I also bought the remaining 8 of their chooks. M assured me she would be there till the day before settlement and so they would be looked after till we get there. So I will have to introduce our 3 to their new home with the resident 8 hens to get to know. I do hope they get on well, I have experienced the pecking order for new chooks and it can be very mean.

But it was wonderful to be there and see the place again, so quiet and very beautiful. Lots of grass to mow, A says it takes 2 hours on a ride on mower. That's a long time if you have a ride on mower, we do not as yet only a suburban push job!
Haven't a clue about ride on mowers anyway, will be a steep learning curve. If any of you readers can offer some advice it would be well received.
This is my Dear brother Neil, Hi Neil, hope you are ok with me putting your photo online! They think it is around 6 to 7 kgs, a sweet potato he grew. I thought it was a nicely roasted turkey. Makes me hungry just looking at it.
This is my giant vegie, its a choko if you are not familiar. We grew these for the first time this year. What a great and versatile veg it is, takes on the flavour of what it is cooked with.
This is a shot of my wall garden, it is looking a bit quiet at the moment but has been a riot of growth and colour when I didn't have the camera.
It was a very ugly wall near the back door, made of hardy plank so it won't rot. I put battens on it so I could put in hooks for the pots. Scrounged as many half pots as I could find from friends and rubbish piles and up they went.
I will take it with me as I have a nice piece of fence outside the kitchen window where they can go and I can look at them whilst working in the kitchen.
And last photo for today are my bromeliads, I do like these and am a bit of a collector. I was told to keep them in the dark or they will go green.
Well I am renewed after seeing our dream home again and am enthused to get cracking on some more packing and getting ready for our garage sale on Saturday the 9th.