Monday, May 20, 2013

unusual vegetables

Check out this carrot!

4 carrots on one top!

and of course my love spud!


City Farm in East Perth

I was really taken by this place. I have been to community gardens before, even had a plot in one in Canberra many years ago. But this was vibrant and alive. We entered through the gardens, greeted by beautiful mosaics.

Viv and I wandered through the gardens and looked at the beds growing all sorts of produce in varying stages of growth.

Citrus trees had their trunks painted with Lime as a pesticide I presume.

nice shady places to sit and contemplate

Murals and graffiti was on the walls of the buildings. Looked good!

The train rushed past while we were there. Gives you an idea of the lower value of land and why it was given over to a City Farm Community Garden space.

ooh! I thought, chooks! But they were all roosters. Really lovely birds they were too.

Here is Viv at the Aquaponics area

The fish in here

grow bed with expanded clay balls as growing media

An old pallet used as a planter

A strange looking rooster, This poor chap was very ugly. A silky bantam rooster with no feathers on his head, only purple black skin. I believe the Chinese really like these black skinned chickens. Very good for ladies problems!

I found this place really great. It had gardens for those who wish to garden. It had an area for those with disabilities to come and pot on and get into some gardening. It had a cafe full of local business people all busy discussing high flying business. There were more buildings and areas for functions and all sorts. It was vibrant and full of potential being realised. A great place to visit.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

East Perth

Hi there,
here are some lovely shots of a very pretty park I visited whilst in Perth. I am not sure if it had a name but it was lovely and had some enormous trees.

You can see the Burswood casino building across the river. White and like a pyramid without the cone on top. Left of that are some enormous apartments being put up.

This development is all fairly new. The site was industrial for over 100 years I think. The East Perth power station building was near here.
I was told that fish in this area are not for eating and a quite deformed due to the pollution in the ground. Sad that we have done this and sad that they allowed the river in so it can pick up the poisons and move them around.

Tree full of Corellas. They have been introduced to WA recently and their numbers have gone mad. They are worse than seagulls.

Kings Park in Perth

Hi there, here are some photos of Kings Park in Perth when I was there earlier in the year. I am fond of this park, it is special.

The entry road.

The War Memorial

View of the City Centre from the Park

The giant Boab tree which was moved here several years ago is doing well. You can find more about this tree in an earlier post of mine.

This shot is a copy of one taken of me when I was 22 years old pointing to my Uncle Fred who is on the wall here in the War memorial.

And my sister in law Vivienne pointing to her Uncle Alf on the opposite wall.