Monday, October 31, 2011

Azalea botanical gardens

Hi there,
well all of our azaleas have flowered and I have to say they were all spectacular. I have never been a fan of Azaleas, thought they were boring and everywhere.
Thought they were diseased and for lazy gardeners.
Well not anymore. I have some beautiful specimens in our new garden. A yellow one for instance.
I never saw a yellow one before.

And the Mollis are stunning. The bottom shot is an earlier one of the same bush just outside the back door. It flowered for so long and was just brilliant.

This one grows on the far side with several others, all are brilliant. The one outside the kitchen window looks like fried eggs. The buds orange the flowers open are yellow and later white, all at the same itme.

Well thats it, quite impressive ha!
But wait something I have never seen before has just flowered in the front garden. I will get a shot of it the next sunny day, it is most unusual.

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