Monday, November 12, 2012

bird netting for fruit trees

Polypipe cut at 7 metre lengths and threaded over star pickets makes the structure. We read about it on Scarecrows blog.

The pipe was rural water pipe for drainage. Star pickets 5'6".

We think 7 metres was the maximum you should cut it at as some of the pieces have bent over a bit under the heat and/or weight of the netting. We could drill holes in the top of the pipe and thread wire through. Tying off lengths the same distance apart as the star pickets. This would keep them evenly spaced and upright. But our step ladder is a bit too short for M to reach the top.
Here it is with the net put over. Took a couple of weeks to sew up the holes as it is second hand vineyard net. But it was easy to put up with just 2 of us.

We tied lengths of baling twine to the side at various intervals. The net was laid long ways. I was over the fence pulling the net up and M fed it up and over the hoops with and ingenious device I made out of a small bucket type container wired onto the end of a long stake, so it wouldn't snag the net.

Yesterday we worked like dogs and mowed and mulched and planted out lots of small stuff in here. The plan is to make it a food forest and get rid of the grass entirely.
We planted lots of herbs and flowers in here too, to help with insect attracting, diversity and colour.
We may need to bring the hoops closer together next year but we'll see how things go for now.
Time to think about netting the blueberry patch now.


  1. Hi,
    What size poly pipe did you use
    Kind regards,

  2. 50mm rural pipe, the one with the green stripe, it is cheaper than the blue stripe. Costs about $8.50 a metre if buying by the length but if you buy a 100m roll it is $450 at last check about a year ago. Fits beautifully over a star picket.
    We have gone on to do all sorts of things with these.
    hope this helps, subscribe and you will see the other creation we made. I shall do a new posting of it.

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