Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rag Rug finished and in position

Hi there,
Here are some snaps of my finished rag rug.

The photos are taken from each end.
It is about 3 1/2 metres long and is in 3 sections. Laced together so I can undo a section if I need to chuck it in the washing machine.
It took a month or two but was good to make. Very therapeutic actually, in 2 ways. The first is the repetitive action, focusing on the process. And secondly I used up a lot of otherwise ugly or unsuitable for patchwork fabric.
I have made round ones before but this was my first rectangular one. Made going up a side and flipping it over and going up again and flipping, etc.
I did have a problem with some of the edges though. As the fabrics were of different weights the stitch size was quite different and this meant the  width started to vary. I got so caught up in the doing I didn't pay much attention to the sides and as you can see, it bulges in one spot. But that's ok because there is a doorway there and the swelling helps to keep it in place. Mind you it is very heavy and thick and isn't going to slip around at all.
Had to snap the suns rays shining through what I thought was smoke from our chimney but M thought it was mist from the mountains. He is such a romantic!

Just beautiful!

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