Tuesday, November 29, 2011

toothbrush rag rugs

Hey I have just finished 2 toothbrush rag rugs.
What a wonderful experience. I read about them in some ones blog, sorry I can't remember. Then I googled the technique and got onto some great you tube videos about how to get started. M made me a needle or toothbrush.
Originally the needle was made from a toothbrush. The old ones which had holes in the handle for hanging it up. The brush was chopped off and the end was filed to a point. The fabric strips were threaded into the hole.
Well they stopped making those toothbrushes about 20 years ago. Then some inventive people in the US got some made but I didn't want to buy one and have it shipped across the world and who knows where you buy one here.
So a clever girl on you tube
showed how to start and what the needle her hubby made. So I got my hubby to make me one. Don't know why, I could have made it but I felt like I was following some tradition. Or maybe I just wanted to include him in the process.
Anyway it works a treat.
And now are you ready for the great unveiling of the rag rugs?
112cm across

132cm across
All made from scrap fabrics that I couldn't throw away because I have some mental block that won't let me but I was seriously starting to resent.
Well now I have loads more room in my stash boxes so I can go shopping for more!

But seriously I have been wanting and trying to make rag rugs for years and couldn't hit on a way that was easy and quick and makes a rug that is sturdy and long lasting.
The Scandinavians have been making rugs like these for hundreds of years apparently.

If you would like a needle, let me know and I can make you one for you or give you the dimensions. Just need some reasonably sturdy wire and some electricians tape. I used paper tape after the electricians tape melted on a hot day with all the work it was doing.


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