Monday, October 31, 2011

Azalea botanical gardens

Hi there,
well all of our azaleas have flowered and I have to say they were all spectacular. I have never been a fan of Azaleas, thought they were boring and everywhere.
Thought they were diseased and for lazy gardeners.
Well not anymore. I have some beautiful specimens in our new garden. A yellow one for instance.
I never saw a yellow one before.

And the Mollis are stunning. The bottom shot is an earlier one of the same bush just outside the back door. It flowered for so long and was just brilliant.

This one grows on the far side with several others, all are brilliant. The one outside the kitchen window looks like fried eggs. The buds orange the flowers open are yellow and later white, all at the same itme.

Well thats it, quite impressive ha!
But wait something I have never seen before has just flowered in the front garden. I will get a shot of it the next sunny day, it is most unusual.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Look who popped in for a visit!

Yes we had the most unexpected visitors the other day. Here they are.

Followed by a young man who had accidentally let them out of the paddock across the road and had no idea how to get them back again.
We told him not to hurry as the boys were munching on some long grass we hadn't been able to cut as the ground was too boggy.
So an hour or so later people came and collected them. I escorted the brown one back to his paddock, he was such a gentleman of a horse. I would have loved this one when I was a girl, but I had bought a monster by accident. Put me off horses.
The grey one is stunning but the temperament not so good.

I have ridden since my own horse when I was 17 but had good and bad experiences. The worst was a horse riding outfit for tourists. The bloody nag just galloped everywhere. I was terrified and that was it for me, that was 10 years ago.

Shouldn't end on a sour note, how bout this?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Badger Weir Park

Just down the road is this lovely place.
This is Badger Creek

A lovely picnic and bbq ground, with lots of facilities. We saw lyrebirds scratching around us on a previous trip.
One thing we did notice was the temperature was really low compared to just up the road at our place.
So bring your coat.

Garden update

Hi there,
I took some photos the other day and have to share them with you.
I love this shot. It takes in so much. In the forground is the top of a plum tree we just planted, lots of long grass, but not for long we have bought a mower. The old bath is full of tadpoles and eggs and waterlilies. Then the veg beds past the side of the polyghouse. A newly mowed area and the box hedge and the mollis azaleas. The hibiscus just coming into leaf and the Indigenous forest behind it all. Love it!
This tall mollis azalea has just come out, so beautiful with the purple one in front. This is such an old garden.

See the old bridge, needs some paint and the pond underneath needs the mulch pulling out and recementing or a pond liner as it doesn't hold water. Probably due to the Sequioa right next to it upsetting the pond as it has upset the path. Lots of work to do.

This Japanes maple is enormous and so lovely with it new lime green growth.
Looking down the driveway, the azaleas and camelias have been beatiful.
Do I need to say anything about this one?
hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quilts galore!

I am so lucky, today I sold 5 items on Etsy.
On Saturday I opened a shop on Etsy, which is like Madeit but bigger and worldwide. US anyway!
And then this morning some one had bought 5 items. Here they are:
Here are the links if you are interested.

Also I finished a blanket for one of my Great Nieces. I feel bad as she is 3 or so years old and I hadn't sent her anything, haven't met her either. But she is on the other side of the country from me.

So I hope she likes it and I hope to meet her soon.

Life is good.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Don't know what sort it is but I have my best person on the case and will let you know.
glorious thing and such a delight to see. The Rhododendron is amazing too, just came out the other day, huge flowers with lovely red throats.
ps the butterfly is an  Imperial Jezebel or Imperial White, thanks Gwyn and Margaret.