Friday, August 23, 2013

Au revoir

Dear Blog,
It has been a while since I visited. I have thought about you and have wondered why I haven't been as attentive as in the past.
And  think I have been seduced by facebook.
Sorry about that but I have found some fabulous group pages and met some great people.

So heres the thing, the reason I began here is because I had found a wonderful place where I could talk to my self about my life. I could post relavant photos of what I was up to and any friends far and wide could share in those photos and stories. And I had a ball.

But I can't force myself to come back so I think the time has come to say goodbye. I won't close you down, I might come back from time to time and have a look. Or I might get the bug again and get blogging, but my new love has me for now.
Au revoir!

This is Kevin and Crumpet, crumpet has gone back to Doris place to be a friend to another lonely bantam.