Friday, July 13, 2012

Rag Rug fun

Well its been a while since I blogged.
Don't know why, just been busy with things and forgetting to photograph stuff when it happens.
The weather has been so cold and wet staying indoors is a real good thing to do. Although I itch to get out into the garden again. But you do what you need to do.
I had lots of bits and scraps of fabric I have collected, found and been given over the years and every now and then it gets on top of me.
So I went through my collection/stash and pulled out all the bits I can make yoyos out of and all the strips for putting into a rag rug. Some were not strips but just ugly fabric which went ripped into strips would fit in well with other ugly fabrics. So here are a collection of photos of the progress of my first rectangular rag rug for the floor I have made.

Here you can see the fabric piles arranged in a rough order of how I will put them together.
I decided to do light then dark so when the light is low and it is on the floor it will look stripey.

To get you started have a look at this site
The video they offer is really good. There are lots of you tube videos for how to do it. That's where I got started.
So you can see the brown strip is like the foundation. It is not seen when finished so can be anything at all. It is an old sheet torn up.

Anyway here are the pictures of the rug as it grew. You can see the sides go in and out. That is rather unfortunate. When doing a rectangle you must pay attention to your edges and before you turn over to start the next row. Measure it to make sure it is the required size. You can add and subtract a stitch as you go to do this. I just got carried away and didn't really care, just wanted to get this fabric used up. But it is rustic and so I don't care. It will insulate the corridor at the end of the house where we can't get underneath to insulate the floor. It will insulate from the top.
Stay tuned for rag rug 2 that I will join with this one when it is on the floor. Making them in 2 lots will make it easier to wash them.
They should fit in the machine ok.