Friday, August 31, 2012

Dinner tonight

Tonight I didn't have to cook, which is nice!
M did instead.
I gathered the ingredients together for him, starting with eggs from our girls.
Made a wonderful omelet and chopped it up and put to one side.
Veggies included broccoli, carrots, baby corn and more. Nearly all from the garden.
With that we had these delightful things.
Parsnip chips. oooh so nice.
And here is the cook himself. M.
Was a yummy dinner, although I don't think he was that impressed with me jumping around with the camera in hand. I was at a loose end having the job of cooking most nights.
I don't mind doing it, not when the ingredients are so good. The local butcher here is really fab and growing your own is the only way to go.
I had some fun recently cooking with goose eggs!

The huge one above weighed 235g and the little one was yolkless and the first egg of the season for our french wheaten marans. Start off gently sounds sensible to me.
So I made vegetable fritters with the goose egg yolk, it was so big it sat in my hand from fingertip to wrist. It was too big and slipped off. I whipped the white and added it just before cooking. The goose egg had no discernable flavour, just like a giant chook egg. Really great to use. Came from a neighbour.
Hope you had a lovely meal tonight like me.

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