Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wonderful to be alive!

Red Rhodie just coming out.

Delicious it was too!

I put rosemary in here to keep the weeds down and soften the hard edge. It needed help so in went a whole lot of red geranium cuttings. Starting to look better. I tucked in some yellow sedum, a type of succulent underneath. Will grow low and the yellow will compliment the very blue rosemary and the red G.
One of our white chooks, Dumb and dumber we call them and Big J also known as Julia. They are standing on a chook fodder cage I made out of rigid mesh. I sowed and planted their favourite foods in here. They grow and as they poke their heads through the chooks eat them. But the chooks cannot scratch and kill the plants, so they have greens all year round.

These are our Blueberry plants, all 8 of them. Loaded with fruit and in need of netting. Soon precious!

Blasted Choughs!

They are mad about our windows. Not to try to fly through but to attack reflection rivals. This one is on a decoy mirror we put away from the house. It goes at it for ages.

Crumpet and baby doing well.
Serena getting ready to lay an egg.

Plumpet and her brood are doing really well. She is taking them out to mix with the big girls now. A few altercations, mostly Plumpet getting belted up by her grown up brood. Seems strange but there you go!

See the Lavender Aracauna in the front. Starting to get its head crest of feathers. Lovely grey legs it has too.
Thanks for looking.

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