Friday, December 14, 2012

A walk in the Garden

Come for a walk in the garden with me on such a lovely day.
I love Calendulas or pot marigolds. I grow them everywhere I live and then they grow themselves for ever after.
Coming up in cracks and in garden beds, raising their bright heads for most of the year. And you can make cosmetics and remedies from them too.

Our second fruit tree section. With 2 cherries, a quince, Plumcot, Apricot, Bay, Fejoia. Plus the blueberries in the last post and some raspberries and loganberries. All young and in need of mulching and netting.
We'll get there.
What garden is complete without nasturtiums? My husband thinks they'll take over the world, but I'm not sure of that. They are great weed suppressants, you can eat the small leaves and flowers in salads. They are great decoy plants for pests and they look lovely.
Royal gala apples from our little tree
just a couple of spears, the last for the season I think. They were very good this year!
What is a garden without Basil. mmmmm new plants coming on and ready to be picked!
Sorry slightly blurred but you get the picture. We have had about 2kg from only 4 pickings so fay. loads more to come and they are delicious. Thornless blackberries, everyone should grow them.
Such huge leaves on the mint!
tree onion or Egyptian onion or walking onion. Choose your name?
Well here ends another walk around the garden. Hope you enjoyed it.

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