Sunday, August 28, 2011

garden delights

Ahh the beauty of it, fancy having to live with this every night.
This is our little rooster, he is cute but very small, I got him through FREECYCLE, great organisation, look it up!
Unfortunately he is a bantam and I was hoping for a full sized rooster to sire my next generation of hens, so I need to find a new home for him.

Here are some of our girls, we have 11 hens and the rooster. Some of these girls are very big indeed. I have been fascinated watching the pecking order change since introducing our 3 girls that came with us from our previous place, 2 of them are at the bottom of the ranking as they are young and inexperienced, but the other gave it three days of finding her feet and has decided she wants the second top spot. She was second top previously to another girl who had to go as she was particularly vicious, had a bad liver.

Well this was a surprise as the garden is full of camellias and rhododendrons I thought this was a rhody too. But no it is a waratah a pink one with so many blooms, just glorious!

This is the tree it is about 3m tall.

This weeping cherry is more beautiful every day.
Hope you like my garden this week, we are loving it still. The grass is growing long and we need to do something about it. Will need to buy a ride on mower, a shame to spend that much money on such a petrol guzzling thing.
We have thought about a couple of weaned sheep for up the back section of the block, fatten them up on all that clover and grass. Sorry if that offends anyone but I do eat meat and while I am trying to reduce the amount of it I consume, I am also trying to find ways of eating meat that has come from animals that have had a happy and fulfilled life rather than the alternative that we won't mention here and darken the feeling of this blog.
Perhaps a tethered goat in other areas would be suitable also. Well I have to go investigating.

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