Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some where warm to work

HI there,
another beautiful day in paradise. although it started off cold so I went and played in my polyhouse after I had breakfast. It is lovely and warm in there. Actually early morning is really the best time to work in there, I was stripping off my layers of clothing soon after starting work.

Here is my polyhouse, it is not a huge one but it'll do me.
On the left I have a wonderful bench all set up with mister sprays and a balance arm device to water it automatically when it gets dry in here.
Here you can see the balance arm device, a silver housing with a leaf of gauze protruding, this leaf hinges on weights inside the housing, as it rises it turns on the water. The weight of the water slowly lowers the leaf as it gets wet and heavy and when it reaches the bottom it switches the water off. When the water evaporates it rises again.
Here are some Felicia daisies that I have potted up, they were cuttings only a short time ago, good roots have developed.

An overview of the bed, cuttings and seeds sown, all doing well if I can keep the slugs and snails at bay.

My Lemon grass in the large pot central is starting to recover. It nearly died this winter outside at our previous house, too cold for it. But a nice tropical polyhouse should get it going again. I like a bit of lemon grass in my cooking and a nice cup of tea.
After a couple of hours I got rather hot and decided 10.30am I was warm enough so I left the polyhouse and wandered around with the camera taking some photos.
But that will have to do for now as I can't seem to upload any more photos.


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