Monday, October 10, 2011

Garden update

Hi there,
I took some photos the other day and have to share them with you.
I love this shot. It takes in so much. In the forground is the top of a plum tree we just planted, lots of long grass, but not for long we have bought a mower. The old bath is full of tadpoles and eggs and waterlilies. Then the veg beds past the side of the polyghouse. A newly mowed area and the box hedge and the mollis azaleas. The hibiscus just coming into leaf and the Indigenous forest behind it all. Love it!
This tall mollis azalea has just come out, so beautiful with the purple one in front. This is such an old garden.

See the old bridge, needs some paint and the pond underneath needs the mulch pulling out and recementing or a pond liner as it doesn't hold water. Probably due to the Sequioa right next to it upsetting the pond as it has upset the path. Lots of work to do.

This Japanes maple is enormous and so lovely with it new lime green growth.
Looking down the driveway, the azaleas and camelias have been beatiful.
Do I need to say anything about this one?
hope you enjoyed.

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