Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spring flush

Gee the garden has been riding on the Spring flush, surfing the wave of tremendous growth!
M does get a go on the mower some times. See Julia looking on, watching out for the flock. They did get in the way a bit, following the mower around as it mowed, watching and catching lots of bugs that got thrown up.

We had our first taste of this years broad beans, I do love broad beans. I picked several small ones 4cm long and some tips out of the plants and put them in with the other veg we had for dinner. I little taste of spring.

Garlic are not coming on so well, they are skinny and a bit yellow. Perhaps because they went in so late? I put down some lime, just a sprinkling to see if that perks them up. The onion tribe like a bit of lime, usually when planting.

The rhubarb is tremendous, wouldn't think it had been wrenched out the ground from Croydon, split up into 6 plants and stuck in here just as they were waking up. We have had a feed already.
 I have several large bins of weeds covered with water and rotting nicely. Stinks to high heaven but who cares, we have no close neighbours to worry about. Gee that is a wonderful feeling, not having to worry if the neighbours might get upset or dob me in for making bad smalls.
The veggies love it!
The weeds get recycled without reseeding!
Or the bin doesn't get them and they go off to the tip to off gas methane!
So a win win situation and the plants love it!
The golden zucchinis are flowering, small tomatoes will be forming. Broad beans as I have said are podding up. Rhubarb is being eaten too.
Last years capsicums have come back to life and are filling with leaves and lots more too.
So make some weed tea for your plants, water it down to the colour of weak tea and pour on, every week.
Keep the lid on if you have neighbours and decant it when they are at work or just before it rains.
ps don't get it on your clothes or skin, it takes ages to stop stinking!

These are coming up all over the place, glad they are not the common death lily, wonder what other colours I'll find.

Planted out my Dahlia tubers this morning, they were shooting so it must be time.
They will be a surprise, I have some of my own I raised from seed a few years back and we dug up a lot in the netted area where we put the blackberries. So we have a mystery unfolding. I love Dahlias, perhaps because they are almost my name but more so they are just beautiful and I have grown them since my child hood off and on.
Put in bean seeds and planted out 3 butternut pumpkins to grow over the avery house. Sowed beetroot, 3 varieties. M had better eat these or that will be it! No more beetroot to be grown by me. I know, I'll give him the seed and they can be his responsibility.

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