Thursday, February 23, 2012

snake visitor

All the little birdies on the back fence were making a real 'to do'!
Wrens and fire tails, getting really upest. I called M over to have a look with me and he spotted a snake moving through my hanging baskets in search of a birdy dinner.
I was just out there not half an hour ago watering my pots as it is going to be a hot few days coming up. It may have been in the pots and the water disturbed it. I have to be so careful.
Coming from the suburbs I am not prepared for this and it scares me I have to say. I cannot become complacent and walk out in my thongs, I have taken to wearing my boots even going to check on the chooks and goats.
So he didn't like the audience and turned around and left.
 I got another shot of his belly and back as he left.
It was only small, about 70cm long. Not sure what type, anybody guess?

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