Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our goats and their cavorting

Oh they are such fun to watch.
Snow and Oscar


That was in January, now it is September and I am sad to say that we lost Snow. We only had the goats for a month or 2 when we decided they were too much for us and our small block. So we found a neighbour to take them, she was going to breed from Snow and milk her to make cheese. All those self sugfficient things we do with goats.
But sadly last month Snow became sick with an unknown illness which killed her.
We are all very sad as she was a lovely tempered creatured and very gentle. Her mate, Oscar was devastated and cried for hours for her. He is consoled now and is sharing a paddock with another neutered male goat called Wilbur. Wilbur is a lot taller than Oscar and a bit of a bully but they have worked it out and I often drive past and see then together hoovering up the grass in a wonderful seren agricultural way.
RIP Snow.


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