Friday, September 14, 2012

Garden snap shot!

Hello and welcome to Badger Farm,
A mixture of photos of the garden this time.

I have been busy redoing my half baskets on the fence. This is my view from the kitchen window, so I want it to look nice. It is also a place which is protected from most of the wind. Is squeezed between the house so it holds its heat and is a warm place. Although the sun is on it at midday for only 2 or 3 hours all year.

Cactus and succulents in the green pots at the top. These can handle the heat and so provide shade for the more sensitive below them. The orchids have really loved this spot. This is their first year and they are flowering so beautifully considering the upheaval 1 year ago.
I have got some planter boxes set up out here too to try and grow a few herbs in. You know what its like, the sun has gone down and you're cooking dinner, "Oh I need some parsley!" But its in the veggie garden up the back. So plant some outside the back door, with some rocket and spring onions, maybe a tiny tim tomato too.
The Rhododendrons have been amazing again this year, here is a beautiful pink one. Enormous they are.
And this little pink one is my favourite.
See the kookaburra in the bottom of the shot?
And some more garden scenes.

So there is a snap shot of the garden.
More soon.

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