Saturday, March 9, 2013

preserving again!

Hi there, I have been preserving again, or should I say still. This is a jar of pinot noir grape and wild apple jelly held up to the window so you can see the dark red loveliness.
On the window sill are jars of fermenting tomatoes that I will collect the seed from for next years crop. Fermenting helps to kill any pests and pathogens that are in the fruit and will affect next years crop.

Here are the jars I made just now. All sizes for interest. These will go down onto my roadside stall to sell.
I was bloody lovely to eat, sweet and delicious.
I reckon a teaspoon full in a glass of bubbly would be awesome.

Actually I kept some of the uncooked juice out and put it in a glass with a slug of gin and some ice blocks. A bit of soda water and it would have been sensational but I didn't have any. It was still really nice.

This is some tomato ketchup I made yesterday. Using 6 kg of tomatoes I made 11 Jim Beam and cola stubby bottles of sauce. Should sell well I reckon!
You heard that Rosella is gone out of business? Well I have to make my own sauce now as I only liked Rosella tomato sauce. Actually I hardly ate it but if I was to that was the one.


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