Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2 new quilts off the ranks

Hi, just want to share with you 2 new quilts that myself and Theresa have made through our on line shop, Champagne Creations.

These two were a little unusual for us as they contain no wadding. The lady who wants them needs them to put on the ground for families and babies to pose on while she takes their photos. Wadding would make them take too long to dry when washed and they would need frequent washing with people trampling them regularly.
They measure 165cm x 136cm apx.
Here are some more shots of them.

I did the blue one as Theresa didn't have time to spare to do it with me, which is understandable at this time of the year. I think we may have a problem in the future with our business partnership. Well you see I moved to the country and it is a long way to drive to my place.  I have the fabrics stored here and a huge table to lay things out on. I think it will not be good for our partnership into the future, which will be a shame as we sew so well together. Bounce ideas off each other, bring different expertise's to the fore and generally get on. Very efficient we are actually.
We shall have to get our thinking caps on and work out a solution!

 So no wadding huh? Well we bagged them! We put right sides together of the front and back, sewed around the outside leaving a 30cm gap and turned it inside out. Sewed a line of stitching just inside of the edge to keep the edges flat and did some knotting instead of quilting. I normally don't do bagging as it tends to balloon the quilt top and make it lumpy. But with just a little knotting it works fine.

you can see the knotting here, just a stitch through both layers with 6 strands of embroidery thread and tied in a knot. This will keep the top and back opposite each other and not allow it too balloon out and lose the edge!
We took 4 hours to knock this one up, it is beautiful, they both are and the lady buying them said "just beautiful as always"!
She has bought a few from us over the last year.
hope you enjoy them.

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