Friday, September 30, 2011

4 quilts leave home (I hope)

Hi everyone,
I have 4 quilts here that I need to move on, sad I know. So I thought I would share them with you. I love them but I have no room for them anymore.
I have just listed 4 items in my madeit shop - follow link.I am sad but they won't fit on my wall in my new house.
This is one of my fire and ice series (made 2). I went through a stage of trying all sorts of different techniques for making quilts. This one is machine piecing curves. Lots of fun and great results. Comes from a book by Vikki Pignatelli called Quilting curves. I have made a few things using this technique and find it very good indeed.
This is the second of the fire and ice set. This is made using the seminole technique, which I believe has its origins with the native Americans. Also called Bargello. You sew strips of fabric together horizontally, then cut through vertically then move the strips up or down depending on the effect you are looking for, then re sew them, adding a bit at the top or bottom. Cut and repeat. Heavily quilted, this one, which is always exciting.
This one I did for James but he left home without it and doesn't want it. Wishfull thinking on my part. I made it to hang over his desk while he did homework for UNI. The colours are supposed to stimulate mental activity and intelligence.
Anyway it was fun to make, Celtic ribbons is the design, I think I may revisit this design again.


Well I hope you enjoy looking at these 4 wall quilts, I enjoyed making them. And I hope they sell because then I can make some more. I would be pleased to hear what you think of these quilts.

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