Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good old Freezer

Hi there,
Rhonda from Down to Earth Blog was talking about Freezers today and how handy they are. Well I have to agree, my freezer is my best friend in the kitchen. I have had it since about 1981, an old Kelvinator, had a new seal and has survived being moved from WA to Canberra to Melbourne and then 4 moves around to where I am now.
I use it a lot, at the moment it has lots of containers of chook food and bread for the chooks I picked up from the bread shop. As we have only been in this house a month I haven't had a chance to build up supplies yet but I always like to have 1 person serves of various soups I have made, great for my lunch when I am alone. I have a quiche in there I made the other day, its a start.
I should like to tell you of something I did which I think was rather clever. Do any of you have one of those tall glass jars filled with macaroni and lentils and rice and beans and sealed at the top? Purely for decoration. You probably see them in op shops now.
Well we had one, given to us as a wedding present 20 years ago. The marriage is still good but my feelings towards this jar were tired to say the least. We moved it here to our new house, I don't know why and when I unpacked it I thought, you are going to the op shop.
But then an idea dawned on me!
Why not cook up the contents and feed them to my chooks!
Unfortunately if I had been on the ball I would have photographed the process like Rhonda does and made a very good story out of it. But I am still new to this blog world so forgive me.
Well here is where the jar is now, looking all ornamental in my garden and below are 4 of the chook food containers I made up. When I did it there must have been 20 tubs all up. The chooks have loved them and if I see another jar in an op shop I might buy it!
Oh and here is my old freezer, good old friend that.

bye for now.

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  1. Love the idea of what you did with that tall glass jar. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you found out what the biscornu's are. They are a bit fiddly to start with but once you get the hang of it they are fun to make.