Tuesday, September 13, 2011

weed mat experiment

Hi there,
Yesterday I started a garden project that I read about in one of my favourite gardening books. Written by Jackie French (fabulous), called the Wilderness Garden. I just love Jackie's relaxed approach to gardening and her wonderful writing style is very easy to read, humorous and packed with info. Perhaps the only critic I could make is sometimes you need just a little more info on a few things, but don't let that stop you, just have a go and let commonsense come ito play. I have lots of her books, backyard self sufficiency is also another ripper!

Anyway I have a large area of grass which is getting longer and I only have a suburban push mower, I need a ride on mower for where we live now!
So what to do with this large area of work for years mowing it? It has a slight slope to the North, wonderful for the Southeern Hemisphere. A full sun aspect, wonderful deep soil and the grass is a pasture grass mix of rye and clover, not flowering so no weed seeds. perfect for growing vegies and fruits.

Jackie says to mow it and lay over some weed matting or shade cloth. Cut holes every so oftern and drop in a seed potato. That's it till harvest time, maybe some mulch to make it more sightly, peg down the edges so it doesn't blow away. When harvest time comes pull up the weed mat and move it to the next bit of grass and start again. The old area is not ready for carrots and onions, or whatever you like.
Sounds great doesn't it?! So yesterday I made a start.
This is only the start mind you. I mowed the grass down and put a path of sawdust in along the fence to keep the grass out of the rabbit proof veg garden. Then I laid out my 2 pieces of shade cloth. They seem rather small but a friend has some more I can have, thanks Jo.
As you can see I have lots of scope for more, could take me years.     Well this is a trial after all and we shall see what happens. I always like a new project!cheers Dayla


  1. wow that looks like a great idea, wonder if it will work with the harsh Meeka sun lol :) think i might have a look :)

  2. Thanks for your comment spufactor, (I know who you are!)
    I will post an updated picture of the potatoes that have grown considerably.