Friday, December 23, 2011

What a beauty!

The magpies were giving a loud response to something in the garden. A bit like when we had the fox and they chased it off. We looked out the window to see what it could be and there he was.

Up the Japanese maple he did go.

Making a hasty retreat with an angry bower bird on its tail, oh and me with the camera.

must have been 1.5m long, he growled and hissed at me. I didn't get this close the zoom on the camera did that. He was too scary looking to get too close to and it would have upset him too much.

My Friend margaret has been hard at work and has identified the goanna. Thanks Margaret you are a star.

Tree Goanna or Lace Monitor Varanus varius

The Tree Goanna or Lace Monitor, Varanus varius, is Victorias largest lizard reaching a snout vent length of up to 760 mm, and a total length in excess of 2 m. It is very dark, usually with lighter yellowish banding.
Photo of Tree Goana or Lace Monitor, Varanus varius
Lace Monitor
Photographer: Peter Robertson. Source: Wildlife Profiles Pty. Ltd.

Distribution and habitat

It is quite common from far East Gippsland through to the Healesville area, and along the Murray river system and lakes of north western Victoria. It lives in holes in trees.


As one of its common names suggests, this is a semi-arboreal species. It is an opportunistic carnivore, feeding mainly on mammals, birds, reptiles and carrion. Females lay 14 eggs in a clutch, often in an active termite mound, where the constant temperature and humidity are ideal for incubation

My family in Meekatharra said 
"That's Bungarra in meekatharra. Taste good also"



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