Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another unidentified tree, can you help? African Daphne

Oh this is a real beauty, with such glorious perfume too. Don't know what it is. When we moved in in August, it looked ordinary and a bit sick. Going yellow on the leaves. A month or so later they all fell off and I thought it had died. But lo, along came a new crop of fleshy bright green leaves and then flower stalkes, one per stem and looking like drumsticks.
Took a while but it has opened to this splender.

And it is covered in these, all kinds.

Lots of skipper butterflys too but they were too fast for me. This one pictured is rather pale compared to the others and there were orchard butterflys too and more.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as us, if you can identify the tree and the butterflys would be very nice thanks.

PS I have it on good authroity that this little tree is an African Daphne. My friends Bill and Joyce have one in their garden. Although it is constantly eaten by the possums so its future is not assured.

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