Tuesday, December 27, 2011

tawny frogmouths from Meekatharra

My family in Meeka sent me this photo I just had to share with you. Aren't they wonderful.
Reminds me of another fabulous thing that happened in meekatharra a few years ago.
Do you remember this?

It was on the news and gardening Australia. A mining company putting in a new road to a mine had this enormous boab tree in the way. They say it is a thousand years old.
It was being taken to Kings Park in Perth and it is doing very well.
here are some small ones growing in the park.

And here is the one from the truck, growing very nicely thankyou.

that's me in front of it.

Apparently they took prodigious care of it.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing this bit of history.

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  1. Gosh, the hoops i've had to jump through to be able to write right here lol i have now joined every possible social media platform out there before finding one that worked for me lol who knows what my passwords are lol

    anyway, what i've been trying to say for the last thirty attempts at writing here was that i'm grateful that you put those pics up here coz i hadn't thought any more about the tree since it past through town but i am really glad it is still alive.
    Also i can't believe they can transport a tree that far away from its natural home and it survives when i have long established trees going belly up just because i forget to water them occasionally lol

    yes i know i am a bad gardener, it is my new years resolution to remember to water the garden every day. whether i do or not is beside the point, i resolve to remember to do it at least haha

    x x x x x