Tuesday, January 24, 2012

bread and butter cucumber pickles

Well when you have this many cucumbers what do you do?
You make bread and butter cucumber pickles.
first scrub the prickles off the cucumber and make sure they are not too big. Seeds inside need to be small. If the fruit is yellow it is too old.
I went to the veg garden and picked this lot, only made 4 jars and I had heaps of pickling vinegar left over so I went and picked another 8. And there is more. Plus 2 delicious golden zucchinis.

Scrub the prickles off then slice thinly and put into a bowl of salty water overnight or 2 nights. I did one night.
Voila! So next day give them a wash off of the salt and allow to drain pretty well.
You should have already made up your pickling vinegar. I made sweet spiced cause I like that plus the dill is not ready for dill pickles.
So pack the slices into very clean and sterilised jars to the neck of the jar.
Push down a bit to cut out any air pockets that might form.
Pour over cooled sweet spiced vinegar and seal.
Probably best after a month or so for the flavours to mix and meld.
I made 10 jars. T and I hope to sell them at our next stall at the gateway markets in Coldstream on the 25th March.

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