Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Harvest time at Badger Farm

We have been busy harvesting crops from our 5 month old veg garden.
Yes just 5 months old and have a look at these beauties.

2 bunches of brown onions on the right. We have already eaten a few and they were great and so big!

red shallots. Not bad from 8 original bulbs that were looking very sad as they were very late going into the ground. Best crop I have ever had of these.
I just couldn't help taking so many photos of them, they look so nice and what a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to know we won't have to buy onions for months. Oh but when we do we'll be sad because shop onions just don't taste as good.

Years ago I thought, "why grow onions and potatoes and carrots when you can buy them for cheap from the shops." But just try home grown, no comparison really.
And a few white onions from a packet of seed I threw in direct to the bed just incase the other onions failed so we wouldn't be without. I thought we would use these like spring onions but they plumped up, not much cause they were late but enough to make 2 jars pickled onions for M.
this is part of our garlic harvest. I gave about this much to our son for Xmas, he is a chef and will love these. Plus buying the imported stuff is not really safe in my opinion.

Next bread and butter pickles.


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  1. i agree. Nothing like home grown. Yours look wonderful hanging there. Hugs,