Sunday, June 19, 2011

a blast from the past!

Can you who know me guess who this is?
I adore this photo, I can't stop looking at it. It will sit on my desk and I shall gaze into his eyes. He is my Darling. It is M my husband when he was 18 years old. This was what he looked like when I first saw him, although I didn't fall in love with him for another 15 years.

Oh my back is sore right now. I must do my exercises before I go to bed or I will wake up even worse. My Osteopath has me on the floor and laying on a towel partially rolled up like a sausage about half of it, 8 or so centimetres and positioned horizontally under my spine about opposite my sternum. I put my arms above my head and my legs out and get a gentle stretch. This bends my spine back the other way from how it has been bent all day. Then I move down a little so the next vertibrae gets a go and so on till I reach my shoulder blades then I reroll so it is quarter width of the towel. so it gets my spine between my shoulder blades. It doesn't feel like much of a stretch, it is suttle but it does make me feel loads better.
Then I get a tennis ball and drop it down my back and lean against the wall, sandwiching the ball between my back and the wall. Then I move around and allow the ball to roll across tight muscles. Holding, on the very painful ones so they ease, it is a mighty good one to do and I recommend it to anyone with sore mucsles.

Why am I so sore?
Well moving house and garden has something to do with it but today we did more.
Today was our bushcare day. Once a month M and I go down to a little section of the Mullum Mullum Creek in Ringwood and pull out weeds and plant indigenous plants with a wonderful group of people.
We do this every month on a Sunday between 10am and 1pm. Today we had 10 people and we pulled 18 bags of weeds, one came home for my chooks.
We are preparing a site for National Tree Day of which we always participate. We get around 50 people come along on the day to do their bit for the Environment. And then bugger off home and don't do another thing till next year! Most likely!
But that is too harsh and I am sorry I said it. But they never come back and help on a monthly basis and we have been doing it for 9 years.
We really could do with a few more people, some of our crew are getting a bit long in the tooth and I worry for the future of the creek where we work. I hope it doesn't go back to the weed infested hell hole it was when we took it in hand.

So exersises and bed now.
Bye for now

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