Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ooh its a cold morning this morning, the heater is on and yet my woolly hat is on my head. I wonder if I can type in gloves?
Too cold to go out and see the chooks and give them a little breakfast, they'll have to wait, they have plenty of pellets and seeds to keep them from starvation.
 These are 2 of my older girls the one at the back got taken by a fox recently, very sad.
The skys are so grey and foggy these days. On the weekend I lay in for a bit and gazed out the window at the foggy dull start to the day, at the droplets of mist on the bare branches of the Ash tree next door and said to my hubby, "I can imagine Christmas at this time of the year. I feel Christmas is suited to Winter, it seems a much better time to have it." And he being English born and not arriving in this country till he was 15 years old agreed with me. Then he told me a little story about something that happened to him when he was at school in England. The teacher asked the class when was Christmas celebrated in Australia. No one could answer, Martin was asked specifically as the teacher commented  that he had a brain. But all Martin could say was July 25th!?
The teacher got mad with the kids for not knowing that it was of course December 25th.
 This is a wall quilt I made last year, it is my Christmas tree and I can pin small gifts and decorations on it and then roll it up for next year. No mess no fuss!
But the funny thing was that the kids equated Christmas with Winter holidays and not with the religious aspect.
I found that rather interesting and spent some time thinking about it as you can imagine.
I reckon Christmas should be in Winter here too, I have never thought about it much before, always thought people who celebrated Christmas in July as desperate for a reason to have a party!
But I find Christmas in December, right in the middle of our growing season to be a nuisance really.
Just when your seedlings are coming on and your mind is focused on what to plant where and successional plantings and sowings you have to stop and do this great commercial present buying and debt getting (I don't do those things but a lot of people do) and have to clean the house for all the visitors and cook cook cook and eat eat eat and take days to recover, by that time your momentum with the vegie garden is wrecked.

Xmas in Winter would mean that I would have lots of preserves on the shelf from the Autumn harvest and these make great presents, in my opinion. But in December nothing much has rippened yet so ideas for gifts are rather light on.
This is my garden well into Summer the year before last, you can hardly see the chook house. We collected huge quantities of pumpkins come Autumn and they kept right through till well into next summer.
I doubt whether a ground swell will emerge from my little blog to move Xmas forward 6 months, I just have to put up with it. It is a nice break I suppose, a way to put a pause in the year and make yourself stop and take stock of what a year it has been.
I hope you have enjoyed my second blog, I have enjoyed writing it. Ah I am warming up now can take off my wooly hat.
Have a great day

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