Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On-line shop

I should make it clear that in the previous post I said the on-line shop was my on-line shop, well actually I share it with a friend. My friend Theresa.
We started it together about a year ago.
We were given several bags of fabric offcuts from a furnishing factory. All kinds of fabric and really beautiful ones.
Here is a rag rug/chennille lap rug with a soft fleecy back, very warm.
And heavy linen fabrics great for table runners and placemats.
Wonderful lightweight silks and satins, we made quilts and cushions.
For me this shop is a way I can move on some of the quilts I have made because I just love making them, but haven't got the room to display them. I have given a lot away over time too.
I always try to source my fabrics from low cost sources such as opportunity shops, people clearing out fabrics they no longer want and factory outlet offcuts. I like to upcycle old fabrics into more contemporary pieces.
Theresa and I have had a lot of fun and satisfaction from our shop and market stalls to come.

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