Thursday, June 16, 2011

A wonderful feeling

Yesterday I worked really hard in the garden, getting it ready for moving. It was a wonderful feeling.
It was really lucky and unlucky!
I had been getting rather stressed out about packing and moving, almost panicking about all the stuff I had to do, my mind jumping from task to task wondering how on Earth I was going to get them all done. They build up, you think of one thing to do and then another and before you know it you feel overwhelmed.
And I know I have time to do these things its just that whenever we get a lovely sunny day I have an appointment or a commitment I must and want to keep. And on the cold Wintery days I am free but its too nasty to go outside.
So things had been piling up in my mind and with only 4 weeks to go till we get our new house!!!!!
So now you know how I am feeling.
Anyway it is all sorted now as I got all those jobs done (lucky) because the commitment I had yesterday fell through (unlucky). It was a Gig at a nursing home and I was going to sing a solo part too!
So I spent all day in the garden and in the evening, some time in the bath trying to ease my aching body.
This is what I did all day.
  • moved al the pot plants out of the driveway so we can get the trailor in that a good friend has offered to help us move.
  •  Swept the driveway and collected lots of leaves that I used to replace the chickens bedding, the old bedding of shredded paper went into the worm farm mmmm they will love that!
  • Consolidated all the pot plants I have already got together for moving into several out of the way places and made room for the rest to sit once they are potted up. Can you find Spider Man in the second photo?
  • Found suitable pots for the fruit trees to be put into, hopefully Martin will help me with that on Saturday, we will lift the 2 pear trees, the 2 remaining fig trees and the Pecan. There are more but they still have leaves so I'll leave them a little longer.
  • Made a pile of old rotten wood and rubbish for the hard garbage collection after we have moved out and put this temporarily at the very back corner, out of the way for now.
  • Untied the bird net from the raspberry and blackberry bushes so we can dismantle their structures and then we can get the back water tank out. Yes I want to take my water tanks with me, they are only 3 years old, 5,000 litres each. If I leave them they could end up trashed as the house and everything is to be bulldozed, so why not take em! They are a stand alone feature not a fixture and fitting.

Here is a picture of our house, it will be bulldozed in a year or so. It is a pretty house but very cold to live in. Just cannot get any Winter Sunshine inside. And so must rely on heating. Not Sustainable!

I will be very sad to see our wonderful Lemon tree knocked over, it must be 40 years old apx. And so full of fruit and other strange things. Can you see him?

When we moved in here 4 years ago I found lots of abandoned toys in the drains and yes the drains had been abandoned too and thats why I had to clean them out. Just soil and leaf litter, nothing horrible.
But Action Man and Spider Man and Bart Simpson who is nailed to the Chook house to keep evil spirits away!

Well I can't throw anything away and have found interesting places for them to sit and survey the garden. The lemon tree is decorated with old jewellery and other delightful and colourful bits and pieces I have come across in my travels.

This is why it is looking so healthy, it is loved!

So I feel on top of everything again, just as well it is raining today and I have a luncheon appointment. We call them our Kinda lunches but our Kindergarten children are 23 years old now but we are still friends and meet every month or so to catch up.

It all started way back when our babies were 4 years old.
I joined halfway through the Kinda year as we had just moved down to Melbourne from Canberra.
The friends I made here were the first I made in Melbourne and some of my best friendships.
A group of us about 8 got on so well we thought we should bring some lunch to the park adjacent the Kinda whilst we waited for our kiddies to come out. So we had chicken and champagne in the park.
The Kinda teacher was not impressed with us, he was a rather religilous young man and thought we were fallen women or some thing, he didn't approve of our behaviour and let us know it.
But that didn't stop us.
When the kids finished Kinda we still met even though some of our kids went to different Primary Schools, we kept in touch through lunches and have been away on holidays together.
Have seen some of us go through some very tough times and very good times and we shall remain friends forever I expect!
hope you enjoy this blog.

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